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As the heart of Southern Hospitality, Jeff Davis County is a place where 你到达后几分钟内就会有宾至如归的感觉.

Set up camp at Towns Bluff Park, put a canoe in at the confluence of three major rivers, fish in the waters, hunt and watch for birds and wildlife in thousands of acres of 森林,品尝当地的新鲜

field-grown dishes, and shop for antiques and one-of-a-kind wares offered by hometown 企业家. Whatever you do in Jeff Davis County, we’ll make sure you feel at home.


Jeff Davis County is a well-known destination for outdoor recreation of all types. Designated by the Nature Conservancy as one of the 75 "Last Great Places in the World," the Altamaha River boasts an ecosystem filled with wildlife, bird life and flora and 在乔治亚州其他地方都见不到的动物.

Hunters enjoy the white-tail deer, turkey, and game birds at Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area, while nature lovers and photographers enjoy sightings of bald eagles, swallow-tail kites, red-cockaded woodpecker, and other birds. 渔民捕到一条 这里有各种各样的鱼,包括鲈鱼、鲷鱼和鲶鱼.

  • 城镇Bluff房车公园和遗产中心


    在奥科尼河和奥克穆吉河交汇的地方 form the Altamaha River, this park offers both RV and primitive camping, as well as 两个蒙古包和两个露营拖车可供出租.

    1. 24个平整、宽敞的营地
    2. 2条铺好的船坡道,有充足的停车位
    3. 有盖野餐帐篷
    4. 澡堂
    5. 火坑
    6. 数英里的小径
    7. 宠物不允许
    8. Museum exhibit that tells the story of the Three River area from the days when Native Americans lived along the waterways up through the days of logs rafting, 农业和松节油蒸馏器

    5 Riverwood Trail

    Hazlehurst, GA 31539

    (912) 379-9303

  • 布拉德溪野生动物管理区(WMA)


    布拉德溪WMA提供了一系列的活动 ranging from hunting to horseback riding, from archery to fishing. 你只需要一个 Georgia hunting license, fishing license, or Lands Pass, available 在线.

    1. Bullard Creek Archery Range (26 3D target trail, 6 static target range)
    2. Bullard Creek Shooting Range (100-yard range, 25-yard range)
    3. 船的滑行 & 独木舟访问
    4. 野餐避难所
    5. 房车露营地
    6. 地图
    7. 狩猎
    8. 湖 & 河钓鱼
    9. 观看野生动物

    Uvalda Landing路500号.

    Hazlehurst, GA 31539

    (706) 557-3355

  • 扭松高尔夫球场(黑兹赫斯特市政高尔夫球场)


    该市拥有的9洞黑兹赫斯特市政高尔夫球场 Course, also known as Twisted Pines Golf Course, is a public course, open year round, featuring 3,636 yards of golf from the longest tee for a par of 36. 的 course remains one of the most well-maintained and respected courses in the area. Guests will find a driving range, rental clubs, and rental carts readily available. 的 cost to play the course with its long, challenging fairways is affordable and 九洞起价15美元.


    Hazlehurst, GA 31539

    (912) 375-6697


阿尔弗雷德·B. 罗伯茨,老. 海兹赫斯特水上娱乐中心 世界飞溅垫

Hazlehurst, GA 31539


李子圣. & 松圣.
Hazlehurst, GA 31539
(912) 375-6680


Hazlehurst, GA 31539
(912) 375-6680


克罗马蒂圣. 达维斯街.
Hazlehurst, GA 31539
(912) 375-6680


历史、艺术 & 文化

黑兹赫斯特和杰夫·戴维斯县也有 historic Southern architecture (with the stories that go with it!)和艺术 机会. Hazlehurst’s early origins were as a railroad town in the 1870s.


Built around the turn of the 20th century, home once served as a private 家、寄宿公寓、餐厅和花店. 美丽的爱德华时代 大厦是由米妮和J.H. 摩尔要价5万美元. 枝形吊灯 the foyer and parlor are part of the original fixtures, as is the foot tub 被改造成了楼上浴室的水槽. 房子原来就在附近 what is now Highway 341, about 350 feet south of its present site.

的 building was purchased and renovated by Jeff Davis County in 2004. 大 House is now a community center that hosts weddings, family reunions, festivals, 还有其他事件. In addition, facility houses the offices of the Board of Tourism, Chamber of 商务 and Joint Development Authority.

25 E. 咖啡圣.

Hazlehurst, GA 31539

(912) 209-8805


的 Hazlehurst-Jeff戴维斯 Museum is housed in the Pace House, a gabled ell cottage–type house built in 1900 by one of the town’s seven original aldermen. 的 house was acquired by the Hazlehurst–Jeff Davis County Historical Museum Society in 1996 and placed on the National Register of 具有历史意义的地方 in 2003.

61 E. 咖啡圣.

Hazlehurst, GA 31539

(912) 307-5080


Built in 1905 for less than $25,000, courthouse was the first in Georgia 用混凝土砌块建造,涂上灰泥. 1994年,法院是 重新装修以适应我们日益增长的社区需求. 的外壳 原来的法院大楼仍然是对过去的见证. 法院是其中之一 of only two landmarks in Jeff Davis County listed on the National Register of 具有历史意义的地方.


Hazlehurst ga31539

(912) 375-6630


Dedicated on Memorial Day, 2009, black granite wall pays tribute to those from Jeff Davis County who served our country during times of both war and 和平. 的 Jeff Davis Veterans 协会 has established a traditional wreath 每年的退伍军人节和感恩节都会举行奠基仪式.

记号笔在S上. 塔拉哈西圣.S. 221, U.S. 南23号),靠近杰夫戴维斯街, 在法院的西北角.


A museum exhibit at the Heritage Center tells the story of the Three Rivers area from the days when Native Americans lived along the waterways up through the 漂流原木,农业和松节油蒸馏的日子.

5 Riverwood Trail

Hazlehurst, GA 31539

(912) 379-9303




的 Snipesville Community hosts its annual New Year’s celebration Jan. 1 有游行和传统的午餐菜单.

马丁·路德·金. 日游行

庆祝博士的成就. 马丁·路德·金., parade features floats, marching bands, church groups, and much 更多的. 由 社区联盟公司.



For 200 miles along the Golden Isles Highway (Highway 341), this annual yard sale attracts thousands of 供应商 and shoppers from Barnesville to Brunswick, 海兹赫斯特在中点. 海兹赫斯特的官方网站大约有100个 供应商. (912) 375-4543



(Saturday before Easter weekend) 由商会赞助 商务, local businesses and organizations sponsor prize eggs and larger prizes. 有 thousands of Easter eggs to hunt, and the Easter Bunny pays a visit. (912) 209-8805



的 Jeff Davis County Veterans 协会 holds its annual Memorial Day ceremony and remembrance at Veterans Square to honor veterans who lost their lives 捍卫美国的自由. 活动包括音乐、爱国活动和 更多的.



Teams from across the Southeast come to Hazlehurst to compete for cash and trophies and the honor of cooking the best BBQ in Georgia. (912) 209-8805



Visit 7月 4 for fireworks, food 供应商, and a concert at the County 游乐场.(912) 209-8805



Hazlehurst in 9月 is where you’ll find a celebration of the best steak in the 状态.(912) 209-8805



Jeff Davis County pauses to pay tribute to those who have served our 和平时期和战争时期都是伟大的国家. 由杰夫·戴维斯退伍军人协会赞助 协会.



Santa and his elves busy themselves along the nighttime parade route 有彩车、乐队、活体动物等等. 由商会赞助 商务. (912) 209-8805


的 little ones and their parents will love having breakfast with St. 尼克. (912) 209-8805